This is a contract between Furry Friends Pet Stays (hereinafter called “Pet Stay”) and the pet owner/s or owner/s agent whose name and signature appears below (hereinafter called “Owner”) Pet/s are only accepted under these terms and conditions and leaving your pet/s here constitutes acceptance of these conditions.

1.            I have read the opening hours and agree to pick up or drop off pets during those hours and will arrive promptly before closing time. Our hours are displayed in Reception, on the website. Please observe and respect them.

2.            Boarding rate is charged per day this counts the day of arrival and departure regardless of when you pick up or drop off.

3.            Payment is required on check-in (we accept cash, Visa or MasterCard, and EFT) and there are no refunds for early pick-up and that any other fees or charges must be paid in full before removal of the pets.

4.            Owners warrant that all pets are healthy and free of infectious diseases, ticks and or fleas and have been fully vaccinated to the Pet Stays requirements (as displayed in reception and on the website).

5.            Owner/s give full authority to Pet Stays to call a Veterinary surgeon for any treatment, procedure or to gather or exchange information of the pets in the event of sickness, illness, accident, injury or any reason should the kennel deem necessary at the owners expense and agree to pay all expenses prior to removal of the pet/s.

6.            If at any time any payment is outstanding for seven (7) days or more I authorise the disposal or sale of the pets in a manner determined by Pet Stays and hold Pet Stays harmless.

7.            All reasonable care and attention is given and pets are accepted at the owners risk upon these terms and conditions. Pet Stays, its staff and/or agents do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any belongings including collars, tags, bedding etc. and do not accept responsibility for sickness, illness, accident, escape, injury or passing away of pets for any reason.